Saturday, October 13, 2007

Overnight Stint

I am covering an overnight shift for one of my co-workers who is on vacation this week. I have been blessed to get to work with a guy named Alex, who is the front cashier. He is thoughtful and always makes sure not to leave me in the front of the store alone. To give you some background on the overnight shift, there are usually two cashiers and a manager (one Pharmacist filling Rx's in the back). This district has found it is safest to always have two people on the front end of the store. Well, the other overnight cashier is on vacation as well, leaving only two of us in the front of the store all night.

So why am I writing about my overnight stint? This morning around 6:45 am, a woman entered the store in what we assumed was a rush to grab her items and get to work on time. She did not speak to Alex or me when we acknowledged her, didn't purchase anything, and all but ran out of the store nervously. While she as in the store we heard the front door open, but no one walked in (we know when people enter because there is a doorbell that is used at night). Alex walked outside to see if anyone was there, and he saw a large black man walking around the side of the building. Yeah, we thought it was weird, figured she was just late for work, he was one of the crazies we see now and again, and we went on with our morning. Around 7:30 am, a man who works in the 24 Hour Fitness complex came in to let Alex know that two businesses there were robbed at gun point yesterday. He said that a lady comes in the store and scopes it out, and then her partner (a large black man) comes back sometime later (we don't know a specific time frame) to rob the store.

I woke up with an urgency that I needed to send an email for prayer of protection tonight. We are worried they are wanting to hit us early tomorrow morning. Any morning that early is never busy, actually our slowest time of the day. It is still dark, and it will be Saturday (guaranteeing even less people will be out). I am calling DPD tonight to let the know the situation, but, as the store has experienced in the past, Dallas police are slow. There is a cab lady who "patrols" between our Walgreens and 7-Eleven while she isn't on the meter. I was told she carries a gun and can get there faster than the police. Great (and I mean that in a half sarcastic, half serious way). So, I have her number. I am scared. Reid is scared. He might be working with me at Walgreens tonight.

Please pray that the Lord will shield our store from all danger. I work knowing that robbery is a possibility, but have never come this close to knowing a situation might be in the works. Thanks for your prayers.


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