Monday, October 1, 2007

Today I met Alzheimer's...

Today I met Alzheimer's. I pleaded, begged, and tried to force myself closer to understanding just how this disease is invading my mom's mind.
Today I met Alzheimer's. I tried to help my mom decipher her emotions. My mom, who is strong, loving, independent, smart, stylish, funny, thoughtful, friendly, Godly, confident, beautiful inside and out, is sometimes lost in a disease.
Today I met Alzheimer's. I listened as my mom cried while Alzheimer's fed her lies. I cried as my mom fought to regain control. I prayed because I couldn't help her.
Today I met Alzheimer's. I am praying that my mom will always see Jesus even when confused. I pray she will see Jesus, because my mom said she wants to go home.


Auntie Joye said...

In our family we are all meeting this dread disease called Alzheimer's, it is something we don't want anyone else to have to know. But, through this meeting, I have learned so much about the human spirit and God's spirit, both so brave, intense, full of wonder and strength. Your Mom is my sunshine and she is the bravest person I know. I love her with every breath I take. You are an amazing young woman, a tribute to your Mom. I love you.

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