Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trip to Little Rock

With Reid traveling and my nasty work schedule I decided it was time to take a trip home to Little Rock. With Thanksgiving marking my last visit and May 29 being the next, this seemed like a good in-between option. This is only the third time I have traveled back to Little Rock without Reid and I am so excited for the next two days to hang out with my family!

Because my first night home has been so eventful, I decided to make a "top five" list of reasons to visit more often:

5. Was reintroduced to my old room (now Mimi's room) by my dad showing off the satellite cable. My response was the all too familiar, "Oh thanks, now that I'm gone."

4. My parents fourth child, Toby, barking at me and then hiding under the bed upon my arrival.

3. My dad forgetting how to get home from the Little Rock airport. Yes, he has lived in Little Rock his whole life and the route home has never changed.

2. Dad parking in a clearly marked handicapped spot at the airport and having to talk his way out of a $250 fine after claiming he didn't see the huge blue square painted on the lane. If you know my dad you'll know it put him in a great mood.

1. My mom wearing her beautiful fur coat with Uggs to pick me up. Dad and I are having a conference about what mom can and can't wear in public. A full-length fur coat and Uggs is typical in Arkansas, but a NO in our family!

And this one is my favorite:
***My mom thanking me for admiring her fur coat when I told her her new hair-do looked cute. HA!


Mikel said...

I'm so glad that you are taking a break and going home! Those trips are essential for the consultant's wife I think. (I'm taking one in March!)

How did the interview go? Did you know I had been a nanny for over 2 years?! Got me through college.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Oops... that deleted comment was me. I'm obviously not a pro at posting.

Your mom is SO cute...uggs and a fur coat! I also love that the dog hid from you. Priceless!

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