Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Lord Provides

I have an over whelming joy about the provisions of my King. I think of the many changes that have come over the past year and realize how blessed I am.

It all began with my wedding day and our move to Dallas. After Reid and I spent four years in a long distance relationship, we were so thrilled to be starting our own grown-up life together as a new family.

Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon, we found out that my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Because of my mom's struggles with Alzheimer's, my dad is her primary caregiver. This scare sent me over the edge. I had come to terms with my mom being sick, but my dad, too? Thankfully, the Lord is more loving than I chose to believe and used that time to restore my faith in Him. After three months of radiation and seven months of waiting for results, we learned that my dad's PSA (prostate-specific antigen) was at .03 with zero being the best. Whew! He will be continually monitored for any recurrence.

During this time my job at Walgreens was going down hill. I had realized that the life of retail was not conducive to me being with my traveling management consultant husband. After months of dead end job searches and working weekends I was given the chance to look into something I have always wanted to do- Nanny! Reid was given a raise at work- provision, again; I immediately started my search for the perfect family after the busy retail Christmas season ended in early January. Well, find I did. It all fell into place after I found the ad of a Dallas family on Craigs List. After interviewing me twice, I beat out many other applicants to become part of their little family.

My first week was so refreshing and flew by so quickly! They do say that time flies when you are having fun! The children are precious and I even missed seeing them this weekend...that has never happened to me before! And, if that wasn't enough, I got an email from my new boss saying that she has a good friend who is a pharmecuitical rep and sells an Alzheimer's medication that my mom is prescribed. Because meds are so expensive, she asked if I would be interested in having her friend send some for my mom! How genuinly kind and such a working of God's hand in it all.

So, hear I am. A year of marriage, a new job, an amazing boss, and God's provision in it all.


Mikel said...

I love that you are so quick to see the Lord's hand in your life! It is a huge blessing just to be able to feel Him near, especially during those rough times.

Linds said...

God's so good Mare. I am so excited for you. It's all in His timing right? Love you!

Shannon Pate said...

What a year!! Good is so good!!!! That family is so blessed to have you caring for their children. You have always been great with kids!! Love, Shannon

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