Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have a crush on a boy named Luke.

Yes, he is twenty years my junior, but younger men are in! Don't worry, Reid knows he has some competition and has stepped up his game. Now, you must know that I am lucky enough to get to spend my days with this sweet boy in the picture. I just completed my seventh week of nannying for Luke and his sister, Emme, and I have several stories I must share to explain my crush.

Luke is a ball of energy, which is a great pun because all he wants to do is play sports that include balls. One of my first times to pick him up from schools he proclaimed, "Mare, go home and Lukie and Mare play basketball, football, baseball, soccer ball, golf ball and tennis ball!
For those of you who know my limited sporting abilities and lack of coordination would love to see me playing in their living room and backyard! Last week after work Reid even informed me that I smelled like outside! Yuck!

With as much energy as Luke has he could go days without eating. It just isn't on his agenda. Because I have been talking to him about obeying, I have to follow through with my time-out threats. After going to time-out a handful of times for only 2 1/2 minutes (I use his age), he knows that Mare means business when she threatens time-out. So, one day after he ran 20 laps around the house (I am not kidding, Luke makes me count and cheer as he runs) I knew he needed to eat something substantial. Luke, bless his little heart, refused to eat, and I told him he had to go to time-out if he didn't. He looked at me with his big, blue eyes, he smiled, opened his mouth, and without taking his eyes off me he slowly lifted a bite into his mouth. Needless to say, he ate all of his lunch.

I don't think I realized the hold he had on my heart until this week when I was putting him to bed one night. He wanted bear hugs and kisses and said, "I love you, Mare." So, don't try to tell me that wouldn't make you have a crush on a boy named Luke, too.


Lauren said...

I'll need to let Annalise know that she has some competition.... since she plans on marrying him and wearing a BEAUTIFUL dress.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand your crush. He is just easy to fall in love with! I am just thrilled you are here.

AKA Luke's Mommy :)

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