Saturday, April 12, 2008

Miss Deanne and Dinosaur Chicken Fingers

Luke, the little boy I nanny for is quite a talker. He can repeat anything with his impressive 2-year-old pronunciation, which is quite cute. Two days a week he attends a mothers-day-out type of school. He loves it and on those two mornings we always talk about his teachers, Miss Meredith and Miss Jeananne (Luke pronounces the names: Mereda and Deanne). Because I had only heard Luke say Miss Jeananne's name, for the past two months I have called her Miss Deanne when talking to Luke about school. It never seemed to puzzle me when he would look at me and continue to repeat her name. Poor guy, I wouldn't get it right and he would give up, annoyed I am sure. When I finally learned the correct name from Luke's mom, he would still repeat her name until I said it incorrectly again. At the incorrect name he laughed. Moral of the story: even a 2-year-old can make fun of me!

One week, I made him chicken fingers. He wasn't interested in eating so I tried to make it fun. I pulled a piece of chicken out of the bag and noticed it was shaped like a dinosaur! I thought showing him would definitely make him want to eat his lunch. His response was a little less than excited as he stared blankly at me. As I continued to pull chicken fingers out of the bag I realized the Tyson Chicken package also said, "Dinosaur Shapes." A few days later, when he was eating dino chicken fingers again, he held one up and with a big smile said, "Look, Mare, a dinosaur shape!" Looks like Luke has quite a sense of humor at age two!


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