Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Mother Ship is Calling...

I am excited to tell you I will finally be visiting Salzburg, commonly known as my "mother ship." For those of you who aren't lucky enough to know why this place is so amazing, it is because of a little musical called The Sound of Music. My obsession with this movie began at three, I saw the Broadway production at age 8, and I still sing along with the soundtrack while driving around Dallas. To explain how obsessed I was as a child I must share a story. I was at a gymnastics birthday party when I was three, and at this time was watching the movie three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). The gymnasts that were helping with the party were going to leave for Austria the next day. When I heard them mention Austria I told them I knew people who lived there. My reply to them asking me who I knew there was, "The von Trapp family." Cute, huh? Needless to say my mom cut back on the number of times I watched the movie.

So, there is a reason why I get to go to Austria. Reid has been staffed on a case in Zurich, Switzerland for the next three months. He is excited to continue his work for Oliver Wyman and will have the opportunity to work for two partners that he admires. We are sad that he will only be making it back to the States every other weekend (at best), but are excited for the business opportunity and visit to my "mother ship." 


Mikel said...

That's exciting that you get to go over there. When are you going? When does Reid start. I wish it had worked out for Dave to go do that case too (cause I would have moved out there with him!)

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