Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Watch What You Say...

Hmmm, what do you know? Another Luke story. The other day, after an afternoon meltdown when I wouldn't let Luke sit on a stranger's bike at the splash park, I told him I would gladly drive him by the Lake near his neighborhood so he could look at the people riding bikes. There happens to be a Dam at this lake. At least that is what the educated Nanny thinks it is. Luke is always asking what things are, and for the most part I try to tell him, in real terms, what they are/do/mean. He's smart, so I never thought twice about answering his question, "What's that big white thing in the water?" I explained it was a Dam and that Dams keep water from flowing too quickly. We also talked about Beavers and the Dams they build in rivers. He was very interested in our conversation, and I, the proud Nanny, was excited to have taught him something new. That excitement lasted until his next question (about what the Dam does, or "dood" as he says) when I realized if he repeated the word "Dam" those around him would think he had heard a foul word. Luke, in his sweetest voice, said, "What's that Dam dood." Great, Luke, I think I just lost my job!


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