Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Sister's Emergency

Before I left the country I sent an email to my sister and Auntie Joye explaining that in an emergency they could reach me on Reid's cell phone. I made clear that emergencies for my sister did not include fashion advice, but still I received this message below:

Mare,I decided to go to the mall today and "look" around and tried my best not to buy anything. It is almost impossible for me to ever find a purse worth buying either because its not cute enough or its way more money than I would ever spend on a purse. Well today it just so happens that I found not one purse but four that were absolutely perfect. Luckily for me the one person I ever call to get their opinion on stuff just so happened to be OUT of the freakin country. I remembered the email you sent out before you left said if there was an emergency, you could be reached on Reids cell phone but only for emergencies. This was an emergency and I was going to call but I didn't remember the number. I walked in out of the store so many times I swear they thought I was plotting something. I got a purse. Can't wait for you to see it!

Eleanor, Reid might have cussed you if really called to ask purse advice. However, I love that you appreciate my opinion that much! I love you and can't wait to see your purse.

On another note, I am in Zurich, Switzerland tonight and leave tomorrow morning at 10 am local/ 3 am US time. Will post pictures as soon as I am back in the States! They are amazing!


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