Friday, July 11, 2008

Something New-A first glimpse

The first of my "Something New" is posted below. It is an excerpt from our book and attempt to answer the question "When did we know?" I still need to add my Auntie Joy's POV. Sorry if I got your hopes up with the "Something New" post from a few weeks ago. I also thought a good way for me to know what to include would be to answer questions that you all may have. You can leave it as an anonymous comment if you don't want me to know who you are...But knowing me, I am pretty hard to offend! So, anything you want to know or think would be helpful for other Alzheimer patient families to read, please post as a comment or email me at

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Linds said...

I don't have anything that I know of, but I thought you might want to check your email b/c I am pretty sure you have gmail :) I love you and have been so saddened to watch Alzheimers take your mom... but so proud of you and the way you have handled it and loved your family! You are such a dear friend! What a great hope you can be to others who are affected by this terrible disease!

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