Saturday, August 9, 2008

Emme and Luke Update

This week Emme was quite a little mess. She is into everything. She loves handing things to people- toys, things from my wallet, food, etc. The other day she even helped me fold her laundry (meaning she handed me everything I had already folded). So sweet. On Friday she did something amazingly sweet. She picked up her pink baby, held it to her shoulder, and started swaying. I think her mom got an action-shot so I will see if I can get a copy. 

Luke is still potty training. Friday was his first day to realize the urge to use the restroom. We also didn't have any accidents Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! What a big boy! He also got a new pair of shoes with his dad last weekend and is SO proud. He has asked everyone if they want shoes like his. We, of course, tell him, "YES!" 

The kids start school in less than a month. I can't believe the summer has gone by so quickly. Emme will be going for the first time. She isn't even my child and I am feeling nostalgic about how much she is growing. How am I going to handle my own children going to school? We'll see how it goes...


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