Monday, August 4, 2008

A Letter To Eleanor

My sister was going through a box of pictures and found notes from my mom. There were two letters folded together. One for Eleanor (almost 5 at the time) and one for George (8). "Well, where the heck is my note?" I asked, only slightly offended. Our conclusion is that I had already accepted Christ into my heart, and therefore, did not need a letter. On a side note to all parents, if you are going to write a letter to two kids just jot down something remotely nice for the third! Anyway, my sister said I could share my mom's sweet words. George is out of town, and has not yet learned of these letters, so I will wait to post his after he gets the chance to read it. I never thought a simple note, not even written to me, would be so special!

I look at you as you sleep and cannot believe how big you are. Almost 5 years old! I hope you will always know how much I love you! You are so very very determined. I pray each day that God will use that determination to bring you closer to Him. God made you just the way you are and I'm so glad. I love your funny little way of acting silly and singing songs, of holding your "baby" while sucking your thumb. To me you will always be my "baby." I hope for you, as I do for George, to pray to receive Jesus into your heart and make Him #1. That, sweetheart, is your only hope for a fulfilled life. I have tried life without Christ and I can tell you first hand that it's empty. Without Christ there's no direction. My prayer for you is that, each morning of your life, you will commit your day to God. He has blessed you with some special gifts. One being determined!!! Another is that He's given you an instinct to be a little Mother. You love to take care of the toddlers! You are affectionate and loving, kind and gentle. Just know that Daddy and I love you very much.


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