Saturday, August 23, 2008


We are back from our vacation in Cabo. While we always have mixed feelings about coming home from a trip, it is nice to be back in Dallas - a place we love so much! Our week was nothing short of much needed relaxation TOGETHER! With Reid's crazy travel schedule these times together have been few and far between. We are thankful that his job does allow us time away from computers and the Blackberry. 

Our days were pretty relaxed - wake around 9, breakfast, beach, watch Lost, take a nap, dinner, and to bed around 10. Why can't life always be so leisurely? The weather was great. It wasn't as hot as Dallas and only rained as we were leaving for the airport. The Westin was awesome, and though it was "black flag" everyday, we still enjoyed hearing the waves crash while we sunned on the beach. I realized I didn't get any pictures of our actual room, only the view of the ocean from our balcony (which are not yet loaded into the albums above).

One of the seven pools at the resort started to leak the first day we were there. To preserve the water and mend the damage they had to drain the pool and close it off to guests. For any inconvenience this caused (which was no inconvenience to us, at all), we received an invitation upon check out to return in the next 18 months and stay two nights for free! Looks like we'll have to go back to Cabo!


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