Friday, August 1, 2008

More Emerson and Luke

It has been a big week at the Lilja house! Luke is almost potty trained! We are so proud of how quickly he has caught onto this new way of life. He has really cute dino and sports underwear and is very proud. Today was his first time to go on an outing wearing big boy pants. We went to play at the mall (August in Texas is not park friendly), ate lunch, and then went home to have a rest time in his room. He made it all day without an accident. No naps and almost potty thing we know he'll be driving!

Funny story I might get in trouble for sharing ;)
Today, Emme's mom was talking to her while we were in the kitchen. She was calling Emme "Princess" and "Pea Pie." These are the usual endearing names she uses for Emme, but all of a sudden she called her "Pea-ness" or as I heard it "penis!" I didn't say anything for fear I was the one that had heard wrong, but she quickly realized her mistake in combining "Pea Pie" and "Princess." I guess we all have potty training on the brain! HA! I will never that her live it down!

Emerson is keeping busy with her babbling! She is trying so hard to talk and it is so cool to watch her learning! It has been so fun to teach her new "words." She has learned Mare (though does not ever say it), thank you, please, hi, and bye bye. What a little princess!


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