Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Luke and Emerson had their first day of school on Tuesday. They were so cute and excited! They both looked so cute...we don't expect anything less. All five of us - Lenny, Jennifer, Em, Luke, and me - piled in the car and drove to school for drop-off. We reached Emme's class first and she cried, not really understanding why she was being left (I went back and checked on her five minutes later and she was fine). Luke met his teachers and shook both of their hands. He was concerned his classroom did not have a kitchen, but stayed anyway.

When I went back at 2 p.m. to pick them up Emme's teacher said she did great all day! She got to play outside and had fun with her little class. She was miss social as we walked through the halls to Luke's classroom. She said "HI" to everyone we passed. Luke's teacher also said he had a great day. In fact, he did not want to leave! 

I will try and get some pics from Jen to post.


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