Monday, September 22, 2008

A Great First Day

Today was my mom's first day to be left with Karen, her new companion. Everything was great. I think, more than anything, my mom finally felt relief that she wasn't a burden to anyone today. Karen was there to take care of her, and that put my mom at ease. They had a great morning. Karen arrived at 9 a.m. They took it easy, went on a walk, spent a lot of the morning outside. Karen was able to get my mom showered and dressed with no issues. She even let my mom help pick out what clothes she was going to wear today. I know my mom loved getting to do that! They headed to Fresh Market for lunch this afternoon and then headed back home to spend more of the afternoon around the house. My mom didn't cry until late this afternoon. About 20 minutes before my dad got home. Only crying once in a day is huge progress, especially with such a big change! I am so thankful for that. 

My dad did pretty well with leaving her. I think it will be a bigger adjustment for him in the long run. I was able to talk to him this evening and he said leaving her today further proved that she really is getting worse, and that she isn't going to get better. It will be an adjustment. An adjustment not to feel like you aren't leaving the person you love behind. The bottom line is my mom is happy and excited about tomorrow. Right now we can't ask for more.


Linds said...

Yay! I prayed for a smooth day and it looks like it went well! I will continue to pray for everyone... keep us updated!

The Baileys said...

An answered prayer! I am glad your mom had a good day. Love ya!

Carly Grace said...

I'm praying for you and your family, Mare! I'm so glad her first day with Karen went well!

Mary Virginia said...

Thank you ALL so much!

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