Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Fall!

Thank goodness the first day of Fall is tomorrow! The kids and I have been so excited that the Texas heat is slowly making its way out of the state. The weather has been so much nicer over the past week or so, and I am looking forward to more Fall-like weather over the next months to come. Nice weather means we can finally play at the park without the risk of a heat stroke! This week when we pulled up to the park on Thursday the kids were so excited they started screaming and clapping! These are the pictures I snapped of their excited faces. Yay, for Fall weather!


Sarah said...

Somehow I clicked on your blog, from a friend of a friend and so on and started reading about your mom. I went to the U of A and was a tri delt, I think we are the same age. Anyway, I sell an AD drug for a living and have researched the disease for years, because of work and also a family member. Anyway, I thought you may find this article interesting.

It talks about a drug in phase 3 trials that is a different approach to treating the disease than what is currently available. I am by no means an expert, and probably know less than you do on the issue, but I see it everyday, all different kinds, and I know that it must be painful. Hopefully there will be a cure in the near future!

Sarah said...

I pledged in 2001 and we live in Fayetteville.
I work for Novartis and sell the new (its been out about a year) Exelon Patch. I'm not sure if they treat early on set the same, I would guess they do.. What did they put her on?
How old was she when she was diagnosed? My grandfather has had it for about 6 years now.. obviously more common for someone our grandparent's age. I think your dad did the right thing by having someone come and help out with her. Just think of it as keeping her safe, thats the main thing, as you already know.

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