Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend with the Grandles

With Reid traveling so much in recent months we decided a long weekend in Dallas would be nice, so we stayed i town for Labor Day. We also got to keep Luke and Emerson overnight so their parents could celebrate their anniversary with a romantic night away. I had been preparing Luke that he would be having a bunking party on Saturday night with Mare and Reido. He said he was excited for the party. Little did I know, Saturday would come, we would arrive at his house, and he would, indeed, be ready to go to a real party. We felt so bad, so we took him to eat lunch and play at Chick-Fil-A, and then to rent a movie. It made up for the lack of a real party. The kids did great without their parents. Luke was only a little weary when I walked into his room on Sunday morning to get him out of bed. He told me he did not ask for me, but he said he wanted his mommy. We took the kids swimming, and Lenny and Jen came home around lunch time. Luke was so excited to see Mommy and Daddy! For whatever reason he has called Reid and me, "puppies," since his parents got home. We ran into them at the mall today and he addressed us endearingly as "puppies" again. If he continues calling me this tomorrow, Luke and I are going to have a little talk about calling your nanny a dog! HA, I think it is so cute how he thinks he is being so funny!

Though Reid and I had tons of fun with the kids (I already knew I liked them - I am with them 9 hours a day and have no complaints), we quickly realized we are not yet living a life that is ready to orient children. I know we will adjust when the time is right, but it might be best if we just "play house" for a few more years. ;)

*The pics above are Luke's second Halloween costume at 16 months old; and Luke and Emme in July 2008. My scanner wasn't working so I had to ghetto-load them (sorry for the quality).


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