Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monday Will Be Different

We have found a companion for my mom who will work all day Monday through Friday to help care for her and take some of the pressure off my dad. The lady's name is Karen and she has worked with Alzheimer's patients in the past. She is very upbeat and we are hopeful that this will be an easy transition for everyone. It is so evident that God was in full control of this situation and I am so thankful for your prayers!

Now, you might be wondering if my mom knows she is going to be left with someone she has only met one time. My dad has been prepping her for a week now, but when the time comes for him to leave for work I am not sure if she will remember. I think she will be fine as long as she has her dog, Toby, (I know it sounds ridiculous) and is at home in a familiar environment. I am hoping for a good day.

I have been thinking for the past couple of days about Karen coming and joining our family. I am not going to lie, I was having a hard time with it. I had always been able to go home and do fun things with my mom until recently. For the past couple of years, I was able to treat the situation like there was nothing wrong. Now, that there is a caregiver, there is no denying that she is getting worse. We can't just hop in the car and go eat lunch, go shopping, or to the movies. The things she loved to do aren't as easy for me to do with her anymore. My aunt helped me realize that with Karen's help those things might become easier again. It might be less daunting for one of my mom's friends to take her to lunch, knowing that Karen can be there to help. One day when I take my children to visit my mom, Karen can be there to help me if I want her to come a long to the pool or the park to watch her grandkids play. 

I just want my mom to remember we are doing this for her safety and well being, we are not abandoning her. We all know Monday will be different, just pray she knows it is for the best.


Linds said...

I will be praying hard for you and your family! I love you!!!

janet said...

As hard as it must be, just know this is far better than her not being at home at this time, we're all praying for a smooth transition. Love You!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks absolutely beautiful in the pics you posted...

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