Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Mama

Isn't my Mama precious? She recently got her haircut and I think she looks so beautiful! It is so hard for me to look at pictures like this and truly process that she is sick and not getting any better. 

Some of my family participated in the Little Rock Alzheimer's Memory Walk this past Saturday. Reid and I were at a wedding in Utah and were unable to be there, but my dad said it went well. My mom was pretty confused most of the day. There is some debate as to whether or not she can read. I don't think she can, but my dad said that she noticed the signs pinned to the back of participants shirts that said if they were walking "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of." She understands that she is dying, that nearly two-thousand people were walking because people like her are dying or have already died of Alzheimer's. My dad says that she has started asking why this had to happen to us, to her. I have been asking myself the same thing for years now. God has a plan, a much bigger plan that I can imagine. How does this fit into His plan?

On a happier note, we have found someone to take care of my mom in our home five days a week. She is a wonderful lady who has experience with Alzheimer's patience. It is weird to think this lady will become part of our family. She will become as important to my mom as my dad is. I pray that my mom takes to her easily and that she loves my mom as much as we do. 

Please continue to pray for a smooth transition as we move into this next stage of the disease progression. Thank you for all of your love and support.

*Pics above are of my beautiful mom and my family at the LR Memory Walk.


The Boone Fam said...

Oh Sweet Friend I love you so much! I just cry and cry readying your blogs ... I have always loved your family so much. Your moms hair looks pretty short. I think your Dad is one of the most amazing men ever. He is such an example of what marriage is all about! I love you girl and I sure am glad you blog- I always love keeping up with y'all.

Happy thought- This is my favorite Mary Allan Bain story ever ....
Once upon a time, when we lived in the condo in Cambridge place, I had a goldfish. Every day I would poor it into a big ice bucket filled with water, from his smaller bowl, to let him "play." One day during the transfer he fell into the garbage disposal. I called your mom thinking she would have a solution because she always kept that big aquarium. She told me the same thing had happened to her once and to turn on the garbage disposal and that it would simply flip the fish back up and to have my bowl ready to catch it ... Um that is not exactly the scene that unfolded. Needless to say I no longer had a fish. I still forgave your Mom though :)

Marc & Michelle said...

Mare! She looks so beautiful!

The Smiths said...

Mare- your mom IS beautiful! I have been praying that this lady would work out and am so thankful to hear that she has. I will definitely pray for an easy transition for all of you. love you!

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