Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poor Emerson

Emerson gave her Mommy and Daddy quite the scare the other night when she started having, what would later be diagnosed as, feveral seizures. She became limp, unresponsive, and had a fever of 102.9. Jennifer and Lenny called 911 and she was taken to the ER. She was a brave little girl. She is quite the little fighter. Jennifer said that to get Emerson to lift her arms so they could take X- rays of her they would ask her to praise the Lord. She always raises her hands in response to, "Praise the Lord!" It was a long and scary night for their family, but they really handled it well.

Basically, these seizures occur if her fever spikes too quickly. The seizures will last up to 15 minutes and the pediatrician said there is no need to call 911 next time one occurs. I assured her mom 911 would be called on my watch. Most children suffer from these until they are four and do not have any developmental consequences. 

We are watching her very closely, as the slightest fever warrants dosages of Tylenol and Motrin. Please pray for this sweet baby and that we are able to stay calm if another scary seizure occurs.

*Above are pics I took of Emme on Monday morning. She was so pitiful with her hand bandage from the IV and her little hospital nightgown. She is playing in my purse in all of the pics, I couldn't say no! She kept saying, "Uh Uh," when I asked her to smile for me. She was being very serious.


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