Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Young Love

This is our last week with Annalise Cannada. My good friend from Little Rock and college, Lauren Daniels Pardue, has been taking care of Annalise since she was seven weeks old. We have had so much fun over the past seven months getting to be nannies together! The kids have loved their play dates and we have, too! 

Luke and Annalise have a bit of a thing for each other. They are only one month a part and love to give hugs and kisses. Annalise calls Lukie her boyfriend. Luke usually acts like a true boy and messes with Annalise. Emerson thinks Annalise is the neatest thing around. It is pretty cute. She does everything she can to get Annalise's attention.

We are going to miss Annalise after she moves, and hope she will still come visit us when she is in town! We love you, Annalise!


Corby and Lauren said...

Whew!!! I barely made it through that one! She's going to miss them so much too!!!

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