Friday, October 17, 2008

Comments about last post...Or lack thereof...

I might have already scared many of you away with the last post. I have always erred on the side of being too open. Maybe you see it as a fault when reading my blog; I see it as a strength. How will I ever know if what I am learning and sharing about God is impacting other's in His name if I don't share and give people the opportunity to reflect (whether you comment or not)? I won't if I don't share openly and honestly - to let it all pour out - the ugly and the beautiful. 

I am in a valley. What I would venture to call the deepest valley of my Walk with God. It isn't easy. Some days are proving to be better than others, but that doesn't mean my time won't still be rich. 

So, if you have a comment, it was not fair of me to "revoke" your privileges in leaving it. I will deal if you tell me, yet again, why God hasn't healed my mom, and I would love to know your take on grief. Grief at any stage, over any loss, in any season of your life. I am understanding it is never easy. Thank you for your support. Even being able to see the cities you are reading from is a huge encouragement to keep sharing.



Mindy said...

Hey, have you read "A Grief Observed" by CS Lewis? (I know, probably the last thing you want to hear is go read a book.) I've heard it is very thought provoking and helpful. It seems that even the great Clive Staples asks the same questions that you are asking! Press on, sister! ;) I don't even pretend to understand what you're going through or to have any advice to offer. But, I know a little about valleys and I think our God can handle them. And the questions...ask away.

Corby and Lauren said...

Don't you worry... I wasn't scared off. I love your honesty and pray that the Lord uses this time to do something amazing in you!!! I love you!

The Smiths said...

I'm not scared off either - i love reading about how you are feeling and am so thankful that you are honest about it. Love you, Mare.

Heather Bug said...

Mary Virginia, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I have laughed and cried reading it. I love how open and honest you are. I have talked to my family about your blog and given them your website. I think your dad is such an amazing example of how a husband should be. I have read your blog and been amazed at how he has loved your mom. I remember how your mom was and I know you miss her tremendously. I have no idea what it feels like to lose your mom this way but I am sure it's very normal to be angry at all the things you are angry about. I'm sure I would be, too. Anyway, I appreciate you being an open book. I'm sure it speaks to a lot of people...I know it does to me. Have a happy Sunday.
Heather Lane. :)

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