Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So long, my friends

I don't have much to say after tonight's debate. I really don't think anything, and I do mean anything, new was said as far as the candidates politics go. Oh well, less than a month until the elections and from an earthly perspective it looks like America is going down the crapper. My dad has much harsher words when we talk. McCain used the line, "My friends," during the debate tonight and when it was over my dad called and said, "Well, McCain might as well have just said, 'So long, my friends.' " I am really glad I can rest assured knowing that God already knows who is going to win.


Linds said...

I say God will scoff this country should Obama win. Remember, the media kept saying Kerry was ahead of Bush 4 years ago, so I guess anything can happen.

Mary Virginia said...

true, true, my friend.

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