Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sarah on

How exciting is this? Our friends Sarah and Steve were married last summer in Cincinnati (it was one of the many weddings we attended). Sarah is featured on in a video called "Wedding Style: Shopping with a real bride, Sarah." She was with her mother-in-law in NYC and was desperate to find a dress because the wedding was quickly approaching. It is a funny story that Sarah tells because she said Steve's mom was mortified Sarah bought a dress without her mom there (Sarah's mom had a prior commitment and couldn't make it out that weekend). Sarah is precious and the video is a great memory for her to have!

click this link and Sarah's video is the 5th on the webpage.


The Baileys said...

So, DUH, I immediately watched this! Oh my gosh, first of all she is adorable and second of all, I got all teary eyed when she walked out in "the one" because of her cute smile & giggle. How fun is this video! Thanks for sharing for all of the wedding geekos like me.

Love ya!

P.S. Your anniversary is only 98 days away now! :)

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