Friday, November 14, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

There is a lot to be said for the bond siblings share. I think about this bond everyday that I watch Luke and Emerson interact with each other. They know just how to heal a hurt or throw salt in a fresh wound. However, at the core of their tiny beings it is obvious they love each other immensely.

Today, I drove through the car wash with both kids. Luke thinks this is a real treat while Emerson is less convinced. When Emme started to cry Luke reached out and grabbed her hand, and in that moment her crying stopped.

This picture was actually taken about a month ago, but it was the best one I had to show you their true brother and sister bond.

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Corby and Lauren said...

So precious!!!

Elizabeth said...

So sweet! No matter the hurt or hard feelings, when the ones you love are put on our armor and and stand by their side while holding their hand!!! Family is precious. Life is precious...Thanks for sharing.

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