Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A bit out of touch

I thought "Mare Moments" were over...I hate to say it, but they are not.

I like to say I am pretty up-to-date with the latest, greatest gadgets. I have a husband who loves electronics and truly uses the million GB iPod, emails like crazy on his Blackberry, was fitted at the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist for noise reducing earphone tips - yes that is my man! That said, I enjoy catching up on the newest product releases - phones, game boxes, computers, and especially cameras. Reid's dad has a love of photography and one day I hope to be able to capture images as well as he does. 

I was looking on the Best Buy web site the other night at new cameras. My last camera was given to me for Christmas my sophomore year of college. In the world of technology, you could say things have changed just a bit since then. The amount of mega pixels have doubled, cameras have gotten smaller, and they now even come in really cute colors! I was also shocked when I noticed there seemed to be a hide-a-key in the side of these new cameras, too! How convenient. I imagined myself as a freshman, going to a function, not wanting to take a purse, and having somewhere so convenient to hide my key! I kept noticing that many different models had this feature - Nikon, Canon, Sony - what an idea!

Then, somehow, my IQ jumped 10 points and I realized the key on the side of the camera was to give an indication of just how small the device pictured actually was. Real cool, I know. This is the season for giving and I thought everyone deserved a laugh at my expense.


Linds said...

This is why I love you!

Ki said...

That made my day. :)

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