Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Pictures by Ashley Carson Photography

While Reid and I were in Little Rock for Thanksgiving, Ashley Carson took our family portrait. It was really important to George, Eleanor, and me that we pictures while my mom was still aware of what was going on. Seeing how things have declined so quickly since these pictures were taken, I am so thankful we have them and will always remember our sweet Mama the way she looked the day we took these pictures.

I wanted you all to have the chance to see them, too. Hope you enjoy and think about using Ashley if you live in Little Rock!

Go to
click on 'proofing' in the upper right side of the page
the password is 'bain'


Mikel said...

Those pictures are beautiful! You have such a beautiful family!

Michelle said...

Mare! They were all so great! I especially like the ones where yall are sitting on the ground! Super cute!

RachB said...

Mare!!! These are WONDERFUL! I love them and love the one of everyone sitting on the ground in a long line. So precious! So special!

The Boone Family Happenings ... said...

Mare these are too sweet! The pics are just so ... soft!! I love them all! Just beautiful!

Kirstin said...

Mare, what a treasure to have these pictures of your family. Your mom looks so beautiful. I love the one of you and her (#15 I think) where she's looking away and you're looking at the camera. Ashley is so talented but she had a great canvas to work with as well. :) I feel so helpless being in Little Rock and you in Dallas. I'm so thankful for our talks on the phone. I don't know what I'd do without you. Love and prayers. Kiki

Shannon Pate said...

Mare! You didn't warn me that those pictures would make me cry!!!! They are the best ever!!!!! I am praying for ya'll!!! I love all of your sweet family!!

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