Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home sick for my Mama

Mom was not doing very well when we got to the hospital tonight. I was so hopeful for another night like last night, but we found her in the common room, where we had left her this afternoon, leaning forward with her head still tilted downward, crying. Her cry these days is very quiet. There are hardly any tears, but her face still contorts to show she is upset. There is no way to explain the pain I felt when I saw her. My dad and I wheeled her to her room, changed her clothes, and moved her onto her bed. One of my favorite childhood memories were the mornings that George, El, and I would climb into bed with my mom and dad early in the mornings and all snuggle up. I was still snuggling in bed with my mom while taking afternoon naps just a few months ago. I can even remember crawling into bed next to her the morning after Reid and I got engaged, waking her up, and telling her we needed to start planning. So, tonight when we tucked her into her hospital bed, it seemed only appropriate that I snuggle up close beside her while she went to sleep. It's these simple moments with my Mama that I will miss the most when she is gone. 


Cindy Fulton said...

Mary Virginia, You are giving a gift by sharing your journey with such raw transparency and tenderness. It reminds me to take nothing for granted. Each day is a gift as is my relationship with my precious children and husband. You never know when life might change. I want to go snuggle with each of them right now. God bless you and your family. I will continue praying....Love you, Cindy

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