Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things from Facebook

I know, I know, this is supposed to be a Facebook exercise but I can't bring myself to write a note. I think I will start 25 Random Things for Bloggers.

Here it goes:

1. I drool like a maniac. I always have, and am pretty sure this will continue until the sweet Lord calls me Home. My dad often joked I would go to the prom with a wet chest. Thankfully, I didn't, and was also able to attribute some of my nighttime drooling to my retainers as I got older. Now I have no excuse. I am 24, married, and I drool like a fool. Sweet.
2. I was only 20 months old when my brother was born. I was terribly jealous. His blood count was low when he was born and the doctors gave him blood without my parents permission - big no no. To make a long story short, the doctor was a friend of the family and my parents never felt like they could do anything about it. So, a week later when purple spots appeared all over my brother's body my parents freaked out! The pediatrician's conclusion - pinch marks from the unhappy big sister. Yup, that's me! I was a sneaky little girl and when my mom wasn't looking I would pinch the mess out of my poor brother.
3. I can sleep anywhere. If I hear a dishwasher, dryer, ride in a car, etc. I can fall asleep instantly. I also have to have a fan on in my bedroom at night.
4. I was home schooled for eight years. Thankfully my mom was really cool and made sure we did cool stuff. Let me tell you, there are some weird home school people out there. 
5. When I was nine and George, my brother, was seven my mom left us at home while she finished her Christmas shopping. We unwrapped and rewrapped all our presents while she was gone and she never found out. HA!
6. When I was a senior in high school my best friend, Michelle, and I got stranded in the snow and ice on Highway 540 trying to drive home from Greek Weekend in Fayetteville. We had to hitch a ride with a random family and wait in Alma, AR for her dad to come get us. Needless to say, I will not ever risk driving in ice and snow again. 
7. My dad is old enough to be my grandfather, but in better shape than most of my friend's parents. Go Dad! BTW my dad is 66.
8. My mom is the most amazing woman I know and I hope I can be the kind of mom she was to me, George, and Eleanor. 
9. Reid and I have dated since we were juniors in high school. And...we were each others first and only kiss!
10. If I could have gone to college for a MOM degree then I would have. I settled for the very useful Journalism degree instead. ;) I can't wait to be a stay at home mom!
11. I want to be First Lady one day. It doesn't have to be of the US, I will settle for Texas. But, I am pretty sure this blog has totally ruined all chances of Reid winning a nod for public office. Sorry, Reido.
12. I have IBS
13. I take at least one pregnancy test a month. I have no reason, I never miss a BC pill. I guess I'm just paranoid. 
14. I can't wait to have His and Hers closets. Really, this is what I look forward to right now. Exciting, huh?
15. I wish I was a professional figure skater.
16. After Reid read the first 15 of these and found out I wanted to be a figure skater he is encouraging me to take lessons. When I say "encouraging" I mean he told me I should go for what I really want, look into lessons, and get out on the ice. I don't think so, babe.
17. Ahhh diet sodas. I LOVE diet vanilla coke from Sonic. When at a restaurant I will always order Diet Coke, but can only bear Coke Zero or Diet DP from a can. I have tried to quit this addiction many times - cold turkey, phase out, one a day. It doesn't work. And, if my mom will still perk up if we say Diet Coke, then I know there is no hope for me. :)
18. I love cereal. I would eat it at every meal if I knew it was a good idea.
19. I lived in the same house my entire life. In the same room. I love that room. I love that house. I often joke with Reid that if my dad ever sells it we will be buying it! I also really hope George continues the Bain family tradition and raises his family on Rivercrest Drive if my dad decides to move.
20. I can't wait to officiate Luke and Annalise's wedding in 2028!
21. I want to own a Summer house on a Lake in Arkansas someday. Thankfully this is one of Reid's dreams, too!
22. Reid and I have had our kids named since before we were married. Surprisingly, I don't think they are going to change!
23. I wish I enjoyed cooking.
24. I love gossip TV like E! Once again, I've lost my chances of becoming First Lady.
25. I've never had a wreck!!! Unless backing into my dad's car in our driveway counts. Sorry dad!


Linds said...

This list made me laugh so hard! Especially the drooling and falling asleep anywhere. Brings back great memories of the drive to Beach Blast when you fell asleep backwards in the seat, and drooled all over it! hahaha!

Michelle said...

wow, i really will never forget that trip. it sucked, real bad, but hey we didn't have to stay with you know who! Ha!

RachB said...

This made me laugh so hard last week and again today! I love it! Miss you Mare!

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