Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back in Dallas

I visited my mom for the last time today in the Geri Psych Ward before I left to drive back to Dallas. She will be released sometime next week, and make her home at Presbyterian Village. After that Hospice will step in when the end is in sight. We do not yet know if at that time she will go to a Hospice facility or back to our home. We are hoping, as we have up to this point, to know what to do when the time comes. 

She has been acting so much more alert since they cut back on her meds. She was laughing a lot today. I still, am not sure how much recognition she has of people, and she certainly does not remember names consistently. She did ask where her sister went when my aunt left the room, though. She said some really cute stuff, things that wouldn't have made much sense to anyone but family, but it was a great New Year's present for those of us there with her. To see her finally in brighter spirits was what we have waited for - and today we saw it! 

The nurse reminded us that it is important to enjoy these moments because they can be short windows for someone with Alzheimer's, and she was right. By tonight, when my dad returned for the evening visit, Mom had refused dinner and was back to how she had been several days before. The window is short, constantly reminding us to take nothing for granted. 


Shannon Pate said...

Hey Mare,
I wanted to write and tell you how much it blessed me to see you and Eleanor interact with your mother. You both were so loving and kind and nurturing. It touched me deeply. I would be so proud of my girls if they acted like you have. I pray you will be greatly blessed for honoring your mother in such a sweet way!! Love, Shannon

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