Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mountain Top Day

Most of our days the past few weeks have been spent in the valley. Today, however, God gave us, what I will call, a mountain top day.

She had what we call a "window" this morning. From the moment she saw my dad this morning during his visit, she was aware enough to ask him to take her home. Home this time was their house. She became increasingly upset during this "window," not understanding why she was at the nursing home. The nurse gave her a does of the medicine used to calm her down in these situations and it worked quickly. By the time my dad left my sister had arrived to feed Mom lunch, and with that the window closed. 

The hardest thing about these "windows" is that she has no memory of them ever occurring, but we forever will. I will always remember her asking me and George to take her home with us that night at the hospital. She knew us, knew the visiting time was limited and even said it wasn't long enough. We all bare the emotional pain of a physically painless disease.

It seems crazy, but I have been thinking a lot about The Notebook (movie and book). It portrays a couples deep love, even when one of them loses some of the memories to Alzheimer's. She, however, has "windows" in the movie where she remembers. I remember thinking it was ridiculous to think that someone with Alzheimer's could have glimpses and remember like she did. It is true, they can, and just like in the movie it is hardest on the people watching the disease take control.

This afternoon, my dad and brother went back to see Mom and she was in a terrific mood! She was even able to hold her head up (docs are not sure if her inability to hold her head up all the time is because of the progression of the disease or her medication). It was a mountain top day for everyone who was able to spend time with her - Mimi, Auntie Joye, Dad, George, Eleanor, Mrs. Porter. They said she smiled, giggled, and walked up and down the halls (with her legs and in her wheelchair) tons of times. My Aunt fed her dinner, dressed her for bed, and tucked her in before 5:30 - she was so tired. God, we thank you for mountain top days!


Corby and Lauren said...

Your mom looks so wonderful in those pictures! I am so thankful that the Lord allowed her to have such a great day! Love you!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Wow Mare....that is awesome!! She looks so good in the pictures. I am praying for many more "windows" in the coming days.

Michelle said...

Yay! Praise God! What a great day!

Linds said...

What a praise. She looks so happy in the pics. I wish that you could have been there, and pray for many windows for you on your next visit!

Anonymous said...

What an "Awesome" Day she had today! What a Blessing to your family. Her smile is absolutely beautiful still!
You're in our thoughts & prayers daily!

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