Monday, February 23, 2009

Reid's Weekend Home

Reid came home this past weekend. It was so fun to finally see him and get to spend a relaxing weekend together. Friday night we ordered take-out from Terilli's, one of our date spots, so we could catch up on our DVR recordings. Saturday we slept in and then went to Northpark to get a few things for Reid to take back to Hawaii. While we were there, Reid surprised me by letting me pick out a new pair of sunglasses. I have been giving him a really hard time (jokingly, of course) about having nice sunglasses, and he wanted me to have a pair for Hawaii! So, I chose a classic pair of Ray Ban aviators. 

Saturday night we went to church and out to eat with some couples in our Home Group. It was great for both of us to be back in church together and to have community with great friends. Reid left Sunday morning to go back to Hawaii. When I dropped him off at the airport I still couldn't kiss him from being sick last week (my doctor says that until the drainage and coughing stop I am still contagious...lovely, I know) and I know we looked so weird hugging and giving a kiss on the cheek - it sure did feel weird.

I am heading to LR this weekend and will get to spend more time with my mom this trip since I'm not sick - YAY! I'll post pictures of the trip home and give an update while I'm there. The picture below is from Thanksgiving day. It was such a special day for everyone to spend with my mom - our last family gathering with her. I have been missing her more lately than ever, and I can't believe that this March will mark six years since her diagnosis. Time has gone by too quickly.


Caroline and Will Peeples said...

LOVE the sunglasses! I'm getting a "fancy" pair from Will for my birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture of you and Reid! When was it taken? You look beautiful!!
Jen and Emme!

Mary Virginia said...

pic was from back at thanksgiving. sadly, one of our more recent ones

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