Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...when I'm sick

Well, I started feeling a little under the weather Saturday evening and it continued to progress until I woke up Monday morning. I slowly lost my voice because of a terrible sore throat, started coughing and feeling fatigued, and have had a low grade fever off and on. I visited the doctor Monday afternoon and didn't learn much. Basically, four people before me had the same symptoms and the Doctor diagnosed all of us with a viral infection. I should have pressed for more tests, but I didn't feel good and I just took his word for it. Blah. I was told to let it run its course, unless I woke up Wednesday (day 5) still feeling badly and then I could take the Z Pack he prescribed. Well, I woke up this morning, after only sleeping four hours last night, and decided by 10 am to start the antibiotics. With my luck, before it's all said and done, I'll have to make another trip back to the doctor - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things I have been accumulating over the past few days. This is a very serious list - for those of you who may need clarification.

Cheers! These meds are the only reason I have gotten any sleep.

Soup every night for dinner. Erica and Saylor were so nice to bring me chicken noodle tonight!
Lenny Lilja (my boss) first told me about this Immune Booster smoothie.  I'm currently 
on 2-a-days.

Lovely antibiotics that need to work faster. Maybe they aren't my favorite yet.
I LOVE my neti pot. Just YouTube "neti pot demo" to see how it works. I wanted to post a video of myself, but Reid would disown me.

Last, but not least, a small glass of scotch. I tried to make a hot toddy as a sore throat remedy, but almost gagged. And, anything too hot is making my throat hurt more. So, I decided to leave out the honey, tea and lemon. Whatever makes a girl feel better, right?


Julia Acosta said...

Those are my same favorite things when I'm sick. Except I haven't tried to smoothie yet. I'll keep it in mind for next time. I vote for a video post of you using the netti pot. Since when has what Reid thought stopped you?? I hope you get to feeling better soon! I had the same type of virus for about two weeks...not to be debbie downer or anything.

Mary Virginia said...

Ahhhh Nooooo. I am going back to the doctor tomorrow because my horrible sore throat and lost voice isn't getting better. Two weeks is awful!

Kirstin said...

Glad I got the detailed version last night. :) Get to feeling better! I'm glad your friends are bringing you soup. I'll swear by a Z-Pack any day but the scotch - um, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. In this case, I would rather have a thousand melons. :D

RachB said...

bahahaha... i would have LOVED for you to have made a video of the neti pot. Ryan threw our pot across the kitchen the other day after one try... claiming I was trying to drown/kill him. I agree... greatest thing on planet earth. And now after seeing the Panera picture I think I may cry- that sounds so good right now!

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