Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Visit

Dad brought Mom roses and ice cream tonight. I am sitting across from the table typing this as I watch him feed my mom. Tears are streaming down my face as I imagine how different this Valentine's is for both my parents - for our whole family. I guess every holiday will make me a little more emotional and carry new meaning now. For this one it is seeing the unconditional love my dad continues to pour over my mom even when she doesn't respond. What better gift can a parent give their child than that?

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Linds said...

your dad is an amazing man, and you are an amazing woman. I love you and am glad you were able to spend today with your family.... you're always in my thoughts and prayers-- let me know if you need anything!

RachB said...

Your dad really is the most precious man ever. The pictures of him loving on your mom melt my heart. I cant believe he takes her ice cream everyday. He is A.M.AZING. And his red little vest for Valentines Day. So cute. Im so glad you are there to spend time with both of them. Youre such a wonderful daughter Mare. RUVEN

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Oh Mare....I can't imagine watching are so incredibly strong!! Your dad is amazing. YOU are the one that encourages and challenges me!!

Kirstin said...

This is presh. I can only hope and pray that I find a man that would do the same for me. What a testimony and inspiration to the world. Love you!

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