Friday, March 27, 2009

Bad Job, Mr. Police Officer

Well, the latest in Dallas news is pretty terrible. NFL player Ryan Moats was on his was to see his mother-in-law who was dying of breast cancer when this happened:

I saw it on the local news last night, and then national news after that. People are enraged by this police officer's actions - I am too!

Maybe it makes me so angry because this story hits so close to home. I just can't imagine someone being so inhumane that they can't even offer sympathy in this situation, even if a traffic violation was made! To think he was racing to get family members to the hospital to say their last goodbyes.

Mr. Police Officer, if this was Colonial times you might be hung. I'd say folks are gonna think you got off pretty easy.

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Linds said...

That's freaking unbelievable. I don't know if I could have contained myself so well!

RachB said...

WOW. That really makes me want to barf.

allison & bill said...

that is so sad!

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