Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Blessing

I was reading tonight and happened to open my bible to one of my favorite books - Jude. There is such a history of this passage for my dad, George, Eleanor, and me.

There was a nightly ritual at our house. It consisted of getting ready for bed - which I remember taking at least an hour - and then the tucking in and saying of prayers. How my parents had the heart to pray with us after we drove them crazy getting ready for bed makes them saints in my book!

There was a time, around when I was nine, that my dad started reading (don't quote me on this title) Dad the Family Shepherd. This book wasn't written by James Dobson and the book he was reading might have been, but those are just fuzzy details I can't quite remember.

Every night he would tuck me in, say my prayers, and then say "the blessing" over me. On nights that George went first it was so special to lay in my bed and anticipate my turn. To me, at age nine, it was a huge deal that my dad said he knew a blessing.

This continued for some time, until another bed time routine was started and we got "too old" to be tucked in and have prayers said for us anymore. But, after all the years that went by, we still remembered "the blessing" that was said to us.

I entered junior high and became interested in reading my Bible. I remember finding the passage that "the blessing" was taken from and being so excited that I already had those verses memorized.

And, when my dad gave the toast at our rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding he ended it with a blessing:

"Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling and present you faultless in the presence of His majesty. With exceeding joy, the only wise God, our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen." Taken from Jude 1:24-25

Dad, I know I say it a lot, but I love you and I am proud of the husband and dad that you have become.

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Meredith said...

Ok- I have to steal that for Payton..that is the sweetest thing. I hope you have a great weekend!

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