Friday, March 13, 2009

General Observation

Texans drive in the rain like Arkansans drive in the snow. It's just rain, people, not freezing accumulation!

Reid and I noticed this when we first moved here. The first time it rained on a Sunday morning we missed church because of traffic. We kept thinking, "maybe there's a wreck up ahead?" Nope, just people who freak out in rain!

I realized we weren't the only Arkansans to have observed this when LC brought it up the other night.

Another interesting thing I heard on the news last spring after it rained (like it has for three days this week) was that there were 36 traffic accidents reported in Fort Worth alone! That was 36 for only one city in the metroplex! Ridiculous, huh?

I guess this is just one more reason it would be hard to want to call myself a Texan even if I live here the rest of my life.

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LC said...

shout out.

Christy said...

My hubby and I have noticed the same thing here in Austin! Craziness! Hey if ya'll are ever in teh Austin area...let me know! We could all go out to dinner or something.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. So...right after I read this post, I saw this headline on Yahoo! Being a native Texan, I feel like it's my duty to show you Arkansas' flaws too. :)

LOVE YOU! -Shannon S.

ashley said...

hahah, i totally hear you, mare. we always joke about how people in charlotte cannot drive! right after we moved here, someone actually backed around a corner right into me while i was stopped. brilliance. hope you guys are doing well, miss seeing y'all!

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