Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, I landed this morning at 4:45 a.m. and after a short nap before work, it was back to reality. As much as Reid's job can be a pain sometimes we are really blessed to be afforded the opportunity to take short trips like this while we are still in our childless years. The funny thing is, even if he had the same job without the travel I still wouldn't see him because of the long hours. It is because of the travel (earning airline miles and hotel points) that we are able to enjoy trips away to reconnect. They get more amazing every time - not because of the location or accommodations (though I am not one to complain) - but because I feel like we learn to appreciate our time together more and more every trip.

On Thursday when I arrived Reid picked me up at the airport and we drove to our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton Grand Wailea Resort and I highly recommend it if you visit the island. We also checked out The Westin, but this was our pick. The Pardues spent their honeymoon at this same resort and loved it, too! We went to dinner that night and I royally embarrassed myself (shocker, I know). The restaurant we ate at was at the hotel and our table was next to a huge pond with fish. After we were seated I abruptly stood up and rushed to the railing by the pond to tell Reid to look at the baby shark in the water. He thought I was joking, sadly I was not. 

On Friday we woke up and went to Spa Grande at the Resort for a massage and hydrotherapy treatment. It was a heavenly morning. I had never had a "spa day" and this just set a high precedent for all other trips! The rest of the day we were pretty useless. We did, however, venture into a cute town for dinner at Lahaina Grill. It was the most amazing meal of my life and I didn't even eat desert. That says a lot people! Thank you to the Younts for the recommendation!

Saturday we took a snorkeling excursion to Turtle Point and were able to see a TON of whales. It was amazing and I got some awesome video of them playing and showing off for us! They were so close to our boat it was amazing. Then while Reid and I were away from the group snorkeling we happened upon a "small" (Reid called it small, I called it Jaws, in reality it was about 5 feet long) white tip reef shark. I almost had a panic attack, for lack of a better explanation. To be honest, I watched Jaws when I was seven and had trouble swimming in the deep end of a swimming pool afterwards for fear my leg would be eaten off. Anxious much? Well, that was the end of snorkeling for me. Otherwise, we were able to see a lot of awesome stuff and we really enjoyed the tour we went on with Alii Nui.

*This picture is not the shark we saw, but is almost the exact size and the one we saw was also sitting on the ocean floor in 15 ft water by a rock. Yikes!

Sunday the weather was finally nice enough to lay out by the pool! We were sad to leave, but are looking forward to Reid being home this weekend! I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera cord.


Michelle said...

Yay Im so glad you had a great trip and went to eat at the Lahaina Grill! Can't wait to see more pics!

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