Thursday, March 26, 2009

Support Group Facilitator

Yes, don't laught, that could soon become my new title! It sounds silly, but this step I've just taken means so much to me!

There are NO resources for early onset patients or family members in Little Rock, and the only one I can find in the DFW area is in Denton and is geared toward patients (which is still a step in the right direction). I decided today that I would call and see what it would take for me to be the facilitator of a support group...who would've thought only a training session! So, in the next 24 hours I should hear when the training is!

Pray I can find a church or similar facility in the Dallas area that will allow me to use a room in their building once or twice a month. Is anyone reading related to a pastor in Dallas?

I feel like I'm starting to find my purpose in the tragedy - my mom's disease. And if I can help someone else in that group find their purpose, then the healing will truly begin.

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Mikel said...

So there's a possibility that you could use the LDS meeting house near you. If you're interested in that let me know!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Mare....that is amazing!! You have the most incredible attitude and spirit....I am so proud of you!! I will be praying.

Michelle said...

Mare! This is so wonderful! You will make the best facilitator there ever was! I know the Lord will open up tremendous doors for you! Way to go! Im so proud!

Ashley said...

Hey Mary Virginia, this is Ashley (Reddick) Eppers I know it has been years since we have talked...but I just found your blog and was getting updated on you and Reid's life...but hey I know some people at Prestonwood...if you still needed a contact person I might be able to help in that area...just let me know! I have been so touched reading your blog, you are truly amazing.

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