Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 58th Birthday, Mama!

At 32 she married my 41 year old dad not knowing if they would be able to have children easily. Three babies later, her children became her world. She has sacrificed so much to make sure we grew up with everything - she was a mom that stayed home to raise us, schooled us from home (yes, I was home schooled), and most importantly she taught us what it meant to live in the image of Christ.

So, today on her birthday, though she won't remember or understand for long, when she is told what a special day it is I pray that she knows how loved she is. 


Kay Daniels said...

I hope you feels how loved she is this weekend as you celebrate her birthday. You are a wonderful daughter to this wonderful mom!

Kay Daniels said...

I meant...."I hope she feels how loved she is".....but maybe you knew that!

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