Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day three: Even Bear Grylls' wife doesn't do stuff like this!

On the itenerary for day three was hiking to the Alakai Swamp. I have been so excited for our hikes.

When Reid and I got married we talked about what we wanted to be known for as a couple. You know, some couples cook, some are runners, there is that environmental couple, the musical couple, the one that plays golf, etc. We decided we could be the "outdoorsy" couple.

I know what your thinking right now. I'm the LEAST "outdoorsy" person in the world. My best friends from high school laughed at me the day I wore tennis shoes to school in tenth grade - it was the first time they had ever seen me wear them. I hate to sweat. I hate being dirty. Mosquitos love me. I can't use the bathroom outside.

You get my point. These are only a few reasons why it took us two and a half years to be "outdoorsy."

It all started when we were planning this trip to Kauai. There were some pretty cool things to see, but you had to hike there. So, I put on my most excited, adventurous attitude and we planned the trip.

Did I mention there aren't any Mosquitos on the Hawaiian islands?

Here I am at the beginning of our six mile hike. I am trying my best to look the part in my Chacos, hiking skort, and Mtn Hardware raincoat. Ha.

And here is my "outdoorsy" husband. I tried to tell him those boots with those shorts were not doing it for me.

Reason to be "outdoorsy" # 1

Reason to be "outdoorsy" # 2

Reason to be "outdoorsy" # 3

Taking a break at a stream that we passed. If this doesn't scream "outdoorsy" then I'm not sure what does!

For those of you who want to follow in our "outdoorsy" footsteps, just remember when you hike down 300 stairs you will also have to hike back up 300 stairs.

And you won't be able to avoid getting dirty.

I must say, even after a six mile hike, we fared pretty well as the "outdoorsy" couple!

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Linds said...

I HATE it when Drew wears boots and shorts to hike. It drives me CRAZY. Those don't look like stairs, and I am almost certain I would fall trying to climb up OR down! Way to go for being adventurous!

Michelle said...

Do you know how hard Im laughing right now? I never thought I would see the day MV would become outdoorsy!
Mare, you totally could have worn your timberland boots to match Reid!
p.s. I don't even have chacos!

Julia said...

Wow! You've come so far since crying with me in the bathroom in Trinidad! I'm very impressed.

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