Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do I know this potty?

*disclaimer: I think this is the most random post I've ever written.

Being on vacation and using public restrooms this weeks has made me laugh thinking of potty training Luke last summer.

My mom used to be a total freak about public toilets. From the time I was potty trained she carried around a hard plastic, foldable seat cover that was stored in a mesh bag and fit nicely in her purse. I was trained at three to ask, "Do we know this potty?" before I was allowed to sit down. And, we ALWAYS used a foot to flush. Talk about giving your impressionable child a complex!!!

In later years, other techniques were learned to avoid touching the seat. Don't worry, I don't still carry a plastic seat cover with me.

I give you that background about my public potty habits so you understand why I was a freak about Luke using a public bathroom. There were times I laid out toilet paper perfectly only for him to push it into the toilet and I always flushed the toilet with my foot. Now this was something quite impressionable on a child who sees their reward for going to the bathroom as getting to flush.

One day, it all came back to bite me. We were at Luke's house and he had just used the bathroom. Proudly, he looked at me, hiked his little leg up to the handle on the side of the toilet, and said, "Watch this," as he flushed with his foot.

Don't worry, he quickly learned there is no need to flush a potty like that as long as it's a potty we know.

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The Smiths said...

ok this made me laugh out loud!

Linds said...

Mare, I love you so much!

Lindsey said...

Hahaha this was so funny!! Love your blog by the way!

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