Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Luke learns about humiliation.

Emerson and I went to pick Luke up from his second day of bible school. When I left him this morning he seemed a little hesitant, but said he wanted to stay, smiled really big and told me and Em that he would see us later.

I decided to get there 15 mins early to try to beat the chaos we ran into yesterday during pickup. Emme and I stood off to the side with a few other people who were early and watched the kids finish their program. The last song came over the loud speaker and everyone started to mingle and "dance" their way to find their children. Emme and I were "dancing" our way over to Luke who had not yet seen us arrive. He was an utterly humiliated four year old when he turned around and saw us! We were greeted by this face:

That is the face of a four year old boy who is genuinely humiliated.

Just after I snapped this picture he ran over to me and said, "Mare, you are not supposed to be dancing! This song is only for kids! Stop that now!"

Next thing you know he won't want hugs and kisses or to use the women's restroom in public either!

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The Smiths said...

are you kidding? that is hilarious! better cut that dancing out Mare! :)

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