Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some exciting new developments

This week was the Alzheimer's Associations Internationl Conference on Alz Disease (ICAD) in Vienna. The conference is open to the public and I had wanted to go, but Reid and I decided it would be mostly medical talk that I wouldn't understand.

So, I've been keeping up with the info discussed through my trusty iPhone this week!

Here are some exciting new research breakthroughs in
ICAD news:

-Moderate alcohol consumption may reduce
Alzheimer risk. One or two alcoholic beverages a day may reduce an elderly person's risk of developing dementia by almost 40 percent.

Well, folks, looks like I might take to the bottle after all. ;)

-Early-stage tests show promise.Tests assessing brain changes and body chemistry are showing promise at diagnosing Alzheimer's in its earliest stages, aiding the search for new drugs.

And, on a serious note, if you suspect someone you know might have symptoms of AD then encourage them to see their doctor for early screening! This is such a huge deal that doctors can detect certain changes in the brain, like the build up of amyloid plaques.

You can read more about the latest research developments at

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