Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Past Week

Yikes... Nearly a week since my last post? That hardly ever happens. Maybe it is because I'm now retired and haven't figured out a good groove. HA!

Let me start with last Friday. It was my last day with Luke and Emerson. I miss them, but know they are having so much fun with their Nana this week and with their new routine with their mom! I'm old news to them! ;) As my little parting gift for them I gave them each a framed picture of the three of us that my friend Lauren took.

Last week I also got to spend some time with Harper Pardue. It was my first official night to babysit and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other better. You know, to be honest it was more of my awkward faces and noises and the baby just staring unamused.

She loves being outside so we made a little pallet.
This girl goes 0 to 100 in a hurry!
Inside we went for funny faces and noises.
And she's thinking, "Mom and Dad are letting YOU keep me overnight?"

That's right everyone... As of now the plan is that Reid and I will keep sweet Harper overnight while Corby and Lauren attend a retreat for church. We are so excited that they would trust us with their precious little girl.

On Saturday I left for Little Rock. It has been great to be here. I am still trying to figure out how I want to spend my time with my mom - what will be most meaningful? On Monday I had the chance to take my mom and Mimi to Franke's Cafeteria to get pie. My mom loves the pie there and I knew it would be good for her to have a fun outing. She did have fun and ate almost all of her pie - she must have been saving room for her nightly ice cream!

She has been so happy and content everyday this week. I can tell some difference in her remembrance of me just in the last five weeks. For example, I don't know if she remembers each time I go to see her that I am her daughter, Mary Virginia. The more closely I have observed the more I realize she greets me the same way she does the aids and other nurses that offer her a warm friendly smile when they greet her. She no longer lovingly refers to my dad as "Dad." I don't remember when the last time it was I heard her call anyone by their name. She can repeat names sometimes, but can not recall them from memory anymore.

Reid is finishing his project in Hawaii in the next few weeks and will be staffed on a new case soon after. I am excited to see where he goes because this time I have more freedom to tag along during the week. I am so thankful for his hard work. He is truly amazing - no doubt about it!


Kay Daniels said...

What precious pictures....of you with Luke and Emme, of your mom and grandmother.....and, of course, of Harper!! I love her expressions! I am so very glad you're getting to spend this time with your mom.....what a blessing!

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