Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reid's Weekend Home

Reid is finally home this weekend and we were both so excited to see eachother yesterday morning! He woke me up at 6 when he got in and we hung out until it was time to head to work.

I wanted this weekend to be a really special weekend for us and full of special "thank you" surprises for Reid. He works so hard for our little family (just the two of us) and I am so proud at how well he has done at O.W. It is because of his hard work that I am retiring in a week (he is the one that calls it that!) and am able to spend such precious time with my mom before the next chapter of our life begins - business school or starting a family.

So, for this weekend, I planned tons of surprises for Reid! Last night we went to one of our favorite spots to eat called Terilli's. Then we went home and I had season two of our Everest show waiting for us. Sadly, Reid was a bit jet lagged and fell asleep at 8:30, but I really enjoyed the show.

This morning I took him to get a massage! He loves them, needs them, but would never just do it without a real reason. His face was priceless when I told him where he was going! I think I will use this surprise more often! Actually, maybe next time I'll surprise us both with a massage!!! ;)

I think it is going to rain the rest of today so we are going to go to an afternoon movie, church, and then to eat dinner. Pretty laid back and just how Reid likes to spend his weekends.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend, too!

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Julia said...

How fun! I hope yall have a great weekend! You and Reido both deserve it!!! I miss you two.

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