Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Did It!

I'm sure you are dying to know how our weekend as "parents" went. It was actually quite uneventful (Praise the LORD!), fun, and further assured us that we will be able to handle a baby when our time comes. Now, I say that also knowing that Reid and I will have to figure out all the things that come in the first five months of our own child's life. We had it really easy when you think about it like that. Harper is five months old, sleeping through the night, taking a bottle, and on a great schedule! Her mom and dad have clearly spent the first five months of her life getting all of those things (and much, much, much, much more I'm sure I didn't mention) in place. It certainly shows how much work goes into raising a child, but seeing Harper's sweet face as we were caring for her this weekend made us realize its all going to be worth it!

Playing on her activity mat! She was only happy to play there when both of us were sitting on the floor watching her. If you can't tell, we are going to be HUGE suckers. HUGE.
Reid loved giving her a bath, and Harper loved when Reid would sprinkle water on her forehead! She closed her eyes and blew bubbles the whole time!
So happy for our outing at Northpark!
Finally asleep in the stroller at Northpark.


Cherry said...

I found your blog somehow from your friend's blog that I found through comments from agent's blog. Weird but true.

You are a good daughter! Inspiring story! Blessings on you for loving your mother so well. Love the blanket!

Do I know you? I lived in LR for 21years. Where did you go to church & school?

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