Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mama and her Georgie-Boo

Look who mom she found get off the elevator?

"I think he's gotten bigger!"

Going to eat her ice cream with her Gingie, Georgie, and Dad.

She needed a kiss on the cheek before she would sit, of course!

Mom is happy with her favorite baby and George is happy to be with his Mama.

Ice cream eating is a very serious time. She eats the pralines and cream like a chipmunk - she stores all the pralines in her left cheek until we catch her and make her chew them up! Such a sneaky Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - looks like she had a really good night tonight! I love the one with George and M.A. walking down the hall - so sweet! Ice cream story made me laugh out loud.

allison & bill said...

oh mar- this post made me tear up! the pics are so sweet.

Linds said...

:) Love it. I especially love that she stores the pecans. Never know when you might need a few extra pecans! :) Love you!

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