Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 22, 2005

It's actually not a date I have memorized. I didn't even realize it was four years ago tomorrow until I looked at the picture in my room at my parents house. I'm wasn't sure what posessed me to do what I did at the time. I called local alumni for support, emailed Regional Directors for help, and in the end I was granted approval by not only Grand Council but my chapter, Arkansas Alpha.

I realize now why I wanted it sobadly. It was something in the "now." I knew she might not see me do a lot of things throughout my life, but she had seen me be a Pi Phi. So, on October 22, 2005, as President I would initiate her with a ritual that is even more dear to me now.

This weekend is the Centennial Anniversary Reunion for Arkansas Alpha. I wish she were going with me, but I'll be wearing her pin over my heart all weekend.

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RachB said...

i'm balling. that was one of the most memorable pi phi days for me. if not THE most. oh how i wish we could do it over. what a precious time. she loved it. i cant believe its already been 4 years. love you mare

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